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What is the proposed route?

A: The 13-mile Laker Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will begin at Grand Valley State University’s (GVSU) Kirkhof Center in Allendale, travel east on Lake Michigan Drive to Fulton Street by the John Ball Zoo, and continue east to the GVSU Pew Campus and into downtown Grand Rapids. At Monroe Avenue, the Laker Line BRT turns north past the DeVos Place turning east onto Michigan Street’s Medical Mile and terminating at the GVSU Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences building at Lafayette Avenue.

Where are the stations located?

A: Fourteen stations are planned to be built along the route at strategic locations. These locations include:

  • GVSU Kirkhof Center
  • GVSU Mackinac Hall
  • Lake Michigan Drive & Ferndale
  • Lake Michigan Drive & Cummings
  • Lake Michigan Drive & Standale Trail
  • Lake Michigan Drive & Maynard
  • Lake Michigan Drive & Covell
  • Fulton & Valley/Garfield
  • Fulton & Straight
  • GVSU Pew Campus
  • Monroe & Louis (shared with Silver Line)
  • Monroe & DeVos Place (shared with Silver Line)
  • Lake Michigan & Bostwick (shared with Silver Line)
  • Lake Michigan & Lafayette

What will the stations look like?

A: The Laker Line stations will look similar to the existing Silver Line stations, but will be deeper and longer to allow for more platform space. The covered stations will be equipped with amenities such as real-time arrival displays, bike racks, emergency phones and security cameras. The green “proximity” lighting seen on the Silver Line stations will be replaced with blue lighting on the Laker Line stations.

What will the buses look like?

A: The vehicles will consist of 60-foot articulated, “accordion-style” buses with unique branding. The buses will be large enough to carry 90 passengers and will operate on compressed natural gas, improving operating efficiencies. The buses will be equipped with wi-fi access and accommodate bicycles.

Will there be dedicated bus lanes like the Silver line?

A: The project will include short segments of dedicated lane on the GVSU Allendale campus and through downtown Grand Rapids, but the buses will operate primarily in shared traffic along existing roadways.

How much will it cost and who is paying for it?

A: The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will fund $57 million (80%) of the capital project cost. The remaining 20%, or $14 million, will be funded by the State of Michigan. No additional local funds will be needed to operate the Laker Line.

Will the Laker Line connect with the Silver Line?

A: Yes. The Laker Line will connect with the Silver Line in downtown Grand Rapids, serving three existing stations along the Silver Line route.

When will construction begin?

A: Construction is anticipated to begin in 2017.

When can I ride it?

A: The projected opening date will be in the spring or early summer of 2018.

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