Laker Line Reports

We have engaged with thousands of stakeholders, met with dozens of community leaders, and studied and documented the feasibility of this bus rapid transit service during the last 18 months. All documents and reports are available here for public review.   

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Detailed Definition of Alternatives

July 2014

This report represents the detailed alternatives for technical analysis, including the route alignment, station locations, street configuration, and operating plans.

Meeting #3 Materials

October 2014

The LPA Report

February 2015

Provides a summary of the Laker Line Study process, which evaluated transit service options for the corridor and resulted in the selection of a Bus Rapid Transit service as the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). The document presents an overview of the proposed project, and is appended by a number of Letters of Support from local organizations and stakeholders involved in the study process.

Public Input Final Report

January 2015

This document summarizes all public and community outreach performed by The Rapid during the Laker Line Study.

Community Engagement Report No.3

November 2014

This summary contains input gathered from the public during Phase Three of the Laker Line Advanced Conceptual Engineering Study.

Detailed Evaluation of Alternatives

September 2014

This report represents the evaluation of the alternatives. To review the supporting documents for the Detailed Evaluation, click here.

Community Engagement Report No.2

May 2014

This summary contains input gathered from the public during Phase Two of the Laker Line Advanced Conceptual Engineering Study.

Fatal Flaw Analysis

March 2014

This initial screening of transit modes (rail, bus, etc.) and alignments (routing options) helps determine the feasible and responsive options to be considered for the Laker Line. The options selected in this draft document will be further refined during the detailed evaluation phase of the project.

Purpose and Need

Updated May 2014

A summary of the key transportation and planning needs for the corridor, and the goals for the Laker Line project. This draft document is important for establishing a project that is viable for federal funding consideration.

Community Engagement Report No.1

December 2013

This summary contains input gathered from the public during a series of direct engagement sessions on November 21, 2013.

Meeting #1 Materials

December 2013

Review of Previous Plans

October 2013 (updated May 2014)

Brief summaries of the previous transportation and land use planning done by cities, agencies and institutions along the Laker Line corridor.

Existing Conditions Summary

October 2013

A review of transportation and land use conditions in the Laker Line corridor.

Public Involvement Plan

September 2013

The strategy of The Rapid and its project team for engaging the public and key stakeholders in the decision-making process for the Laker Line Study.